Can Coffee Help You Live Longer?



A cup of coffee in the morning may be more beneficial to you than just getting your morning jolt.

More people in America are turning to coffee as their drink of choice with Keurigs and home brewed coffee.

The uptick in coffee drinkers has led to more and more research being done and all data points to coffee reducing risks of death.

We, at Your Kitchen Zone, will take a look at some of the more recent studies and give you a full breakdown of what a cup of joe can do or not do to your body.


What is in Coffee?

A good cup of coffee is 98.25% water, and the rest (1.75%) is soluble plant material.

Breaking down the 1.75% you have Caffeine, 2-Ethylphenol, Quinic acid, 3.5 Dicaffeoylquinic acid, Dimethyl disulfide, Acetylmethylcarbinol, Putrescine, Trigonelline, and Niacin all can be found in coffee.

While this list may seem daunting and you may feel like you are putting a bunch of abnormal chemicals in your body, rest assured you are not.

All of the listed chemicals occur naturally in nature, and some even break down during the brewing process to release only vitamins.

An excellent breakdown of each compound can be found here at


Can Coffee make you live longer?

The benefits to coffee are fascinating. Many studies over the past couple years have shown significant health benefits to coffee drinkers.

We want to point out that moderation is key for the full health benefits and to have little to no side effects. Without further ado the good list!


1. Coffee drinkers live longer

We start this list off right with the biggest benefit of all.

Multiple studies show that coffee drinkers live longer than non-coffee drinkers.

As you go further down the list, you will understand why this is true, but two large studies and both gave very similar results. Coffee lowers the risk of death in males by 20% and in females by 26%.

The study also showed people with type 2 diabetes who drank coffee had their risk of death decreased by 30%.


2. Improves energy levels and alertness and can increase intelligence

This one is a no-brainer.

Healthy dosages of caffeine are great ways to wake up, get energy, or even improve your focus.

The science behind this is that caffeine blocks an inhibitor called Adenosine.

The blocking of Adenosine increases the firing of neurons in the brain that allows you to focus and even comprehend and retain information easier.

The study for this can is here. This case study shows that caffeine in the correct dosages improves memory, reaction time, mood, and general cognitive functions.

Long story short, coffee in moderation not only wakes you up but is a brain enhancer as well.​


​3. Coffee can help strengthen teeth and keep them from decaying

One or more cups of coffee a day significantly decreases bone loss in teeth.

The study took coffee drinkers of 30+ years and non-coffee drinkers and looked at gum disease, bleeding gums, and bone density in teeth.

In all categories, coffee drinkers fair far better than their counterparts.

The studies head scientist explains that many compounds in coffee fight oxidative damage and inflammation that cause gum disease.

The full study is here.


4. Coffee is the biggest source of Antioxidants in Western Diets​

Coffee contains enormous amounts of Antioxidants.

Multiple studies show that coffee contains more antioxidants than most fruits and vegetables.


5. Coffee can protect your liver

The liver has many enemies when it comes to health, but the almost all of the diseases and conditions lead to cirrhosis.

Cirrhosis is when the liver turns into non-functioning scar tissue.

People who drink 3-4 cups of coffee a day are at a lower risk of 80% to contract this condition.


6. Caffeine in Coffee can lower the risk of Parkinson’s

Parkinson’s disease is the second most diagnosed neurologic disease in the US only behind Alzheimer’s.

Multiple research shows that consistent amounts of Caffeine help lower your risk from Parkinson’s.

One study has the caffeine decreasing the risk by almost 60%.


7. Coffee is linked to protecting you from Alzheimer’s and Dementia

Remember how we were talking about chemicals in coffee blocking Adenosine?

Well, studies show those same compounds might fight against Alzheimer’s and Dementia.

This study in particular, took 4 case studies and did a meta-analysis and determined those who regularly drink coffee are at up to 65% less of a risk for these diseases.


8. Coffee helps lower your risk of type II Diabetes and also helps control blood sugar

According to a single review of 18 studies with a total just shy of half a million people, each cup of coffee you drink daily lowers your risk by 7%.

The study points out that their numbers are dependent on the cups of coffee being black and not adding any sugar or creme to the cup.


9. Coffee can decrease your risk of cancer

Coffee can protect you from two types of cancer liver and colorectal.

Liver cancer is the third leading cause of cancer deaths in the US and colorectal is the fourth.

Two studies came up with the same number that regular coffee drinkers are 40% less likely to get either type of cancer.


So is anything about Coffee Bad for You?

This question is complicated and hard to answer.

The simple answer is in moderation, no. Coffee has far more health benefits than it does negative side effects.

Knowing how coffee affects the body is important to make sure that you are not negatively impacting your body when drinking it. sites multiple tests and studies and gives a pretty comprehensive list of adverse side effects with coffee you can see HERE.

One thing to note is that a majority of issues stem from over consumption of coffee.


So how much is too much?

A study by Mayo Clinic Proceedings showed the anyone under the age of 55 should not drink more than 32 ounces a day or 224 ounces a week.

To make these numbers smaller if you drink the regular 8 ounces of coffee in a cup you must keep around or below 4 cups a day.


List of Negative Effects

  • Coffee can overworks digestive system and makes it harder to digest meals
  • Coffee is very acidic and can cause ulcers or IBS
  • Coffee can affect people with heartburn problems
  • Coffee is a natural laxative and may speed up digestion too fast before all nutrients are extracted in the intestines.
  • Coffee makes it harder for your digestive system to absorb iron
  • There is Acrylamide in coffee which many researchers believe to cause cancer. (There always has to be cancer on a health list right?)
  • Coffee contains caffeine, and large amounts of caffeine can have adverse effects.​


The other negative to coffee drinkers is what we put into coffee that is not coffee.

Most coffee drinkers in America do not prefer a straight black coffee, and the go to additives are cream and sugar.

Anything else you put into coffee you must count the calories and include the negative nutrition as well.

TIP: If you need creamer use a low-fat milk instead of processed creamer. If you want to sweeten your coffee and need sugar, then use brown sugar instead of sweeteners in your coffee, it’s slightly more healthy for you.

TIP: The healthiest option to sweeten your coffee is not sugar but Cinnamon. Cinnamon helps control blood sugar and has many other health benefits that include the ability to fight belly fat.



With multiple scientific studies and understanding how coffee can affect your body, it’s simple to say that in moderation, Coffee is one of the healthiest drinks on earth.

A regular cup of only coffee not only protects you from cancer and brain diseases but is correlated to the longevity of life.

In conclusion, you can keep smiling coffee drinkers (with all your teeth cause coffee helps them) your beverage of choice is a healthy way to start your day.


What are the Best Under Counter Ice Makers for Home?



Choosing one of the best under counter ice maker for home use, they can be a great solution for people who have a small freezer and aren’t prepared to upgrade to a larger fridge with a built in ice-maker (or those  don’t have the room).

These small ice makers are highly efficient, perfect for cooling a glass of water, and most will fit under pretty much any sink, though you should be sure to check the exact measurements of your sink before you start looking at under-counter ice makers.

If there isn’t enough room under your sink there may be enough room in another cabinet, so measuring all your cabinets is a good idea.

Once you’ve made all the proper measurements, check out our selection, at Your Kitchen Zone, of the best under-counter ice makers:



Best Under Counter Ice Maker in 2019


 #1 – EdgeStar Under Counter Ice Machine

This sleek stainless steel machine features computerized controls and a maximum production of 50 pounds of ice per day, making it an ideal unit for large families. It comes with an ice scoop.

Unfortunately the storage area can only hold 25 pounds, so you’ll have to be using a lot of ice every single day to get full usage out of this unit.


#2 – Marvel Ada

Marvel isn’t a known brand in the world of ice makers but that might change soon thanks to the introduction of the Ada.

This ice maker produces a maximum of 30 pounds of ice per day, all of it beautiful, clear and cubed.

Controls are simple to use and the machine has an auto defrost as well. It’s also solid stainless steel.

Big families and people who often have large dinner parties may find the 30 pound limit too low but this is fine for the vast majority of users.


#3 – The Orien

The Orien can produce 44 pounds of ice every day. Its easy-to-use controls include an auto defrost setting.

With an air cooled condenser and a CFC free body, the Orien is also the most environmentally friendly ice maker on this list.

Unfortunately the customer service department behind Orien isn’t known for being the greatest so you might have issues dealing with any breakdowns, but the machine is pretty solid so it usually still a good investment.


#4 – iGloo ICE 102-Red Compact Ice Maker

If you don’t have a lot of space under your sink or in any of your cabinets for an ice maker this is the best option for you.

Small enough to fit in pretty much any cabinet or even to take on the road with you, this ice maker can produce a maximum of 26 pounds of ice per day.

This is ideal for a single person or small family but definitely won’t be enough for a large family with a high volume of ice usage.


#5 – Avalon Bay Portable Ice Maker AB-Ice26S

Another ice maker that can fit under pretty much any sink or in just about any cabinet, this ice maker still manages to produce 26 pounds of ice per day.

It also allows you to choose between two different sizes of ice cubes.

Lights indicate when you need to add more water or empty out the ice. Thanks to the light materials it’s made out of you can also take this ice maker on the road with you.

Your under counter ice maker may not be the fanciest machine in your kitchen but it will quickly become one of your favorites.

If you’re still not sure which one to choose after reading this list take the time to read some other reviews before you make a decision—you don’t want to end up with an ice maker that’s too small or not reliable.

What are Best Wine Refrigerators for Home Use?


If you have a fondness for wine and multiple people living in the house it’s easy to run out of space in your fridge, but some wine really should be enjoyed cold.

Luckily there are many different types of wine refrigerators (for home use) available.

In this article, at Your Kitchen Zone, we are going to discuss refrigerators that come in a variety of sizes but most are about the same size as your freezer and come with actual bottle racks to help you keep your wine organized.



Types of Wine Fefrigerators


Single Zone Cooling

Designed for people with a simple wine collection, these wine refrigerators only have one cooling zone and one temperature control.


Dual Zone Cooling

These wine refrigerators feature two separate areas with individual temperature controls.

This is ideal for people who want to keep whites and reds at different temperatures.


Built In Wine Coolers

Ideal for smaller spaces and design purists, built in wine coolers can be installed into any existing cabinet.

First time buyers should stick with a small single zone cooling refrigerator.

Some companies also sell triple zone wine refrigerators but these are rarely as high quality.



Best Wine Refrigerators in 2019


#1 – NewAir AW-281E 28 Bottle Wine Cooler

Holding up to 28 bottles on its six removable chromium shelves, the NewAir AW-281E is a beautiful single zone refrigerator.

It’s thermoelectric coolant system is utterly silent and doesn’t use any extra oscillation, ensuring the safety of your wine.

Changing the temperature is easy using the digital control panel on the side of the refrigerator. Double paned glass protects your wine collection from harmful UV rays.

This is the biggest wine cooler on the list but it does have the drawback of only providing one temperature zone. Still, most people will find this wine cooler ideal for their uses.


#2 – Avanti EWC1601B 16 Bottle Wine Cooler

Perfect for the wine enthusiast who doesn’t have a lot of space, this single zone refrigerator uses curved wire racks to keep sixteen bottles properly sorted.

Temperature is displayed with an LED interior light and cooling is done with a thermoelectric system that allows this wine cooler to remain pleasantly quiet.

You shouldn’t be able to hear it at all in most situations.


#3 – EdgeStar 21 Bottle Dual Zone Stainless Steel Wine Cooler

If you want to be able to store your reds and whites at different temperatures, this stylish wine refrigerator is one of your best options.

The lower chamber has a cooling range from 55F to 65F while the upper cooling chamber has a cooling range from 45F to 65F.

Unlike other water coolers of a similar size the EdgeStar Stainless Steel Wine Cooler uses a thermoelectric cooling system, using less power and creating less sound.

The EdgeStar 21 Bottle Dual Zone Stainless Steel Wine Cooler also has scalloped and removable chrome shelves, making it perfect for storing all types of liquor.


#4 – Koldfront 18 Bottle Free Standing Dual Zone Wine Cooler

Looking for something a little shorter than the EdgeStar?

This dual zone wine cooler features an upper cooling chamber with a range between 55F and 65F and a lower chamber with temperatures ranging between 45F and 65F.

You can adjust the temperature using the central control panel which also displays the temperature in both zones at any given time.

A safety lock and soft LED lights help keep your wine safe for extended periods of time and the thermoelectric cooling system is so quiet you won’t even know it’s there.


#5 – SPT WC-2461H Double Door Dual Zone Thermal-Electric 24 Bottle Wine Cooler

Do you have lots of room?

Want to keep a large collection of chilled wine you can serve up on a whim? This double door dual zone cooler is perfect for keeping your reds and your whites at just the right temperatures all the time.

This cooling unit also actually comes with an internal heating unit ideal for colder climates as cold temperatures can ruin wine just as easily as heat. All 10 shelves can be removed for easy cleaning.

Ideally this wine cooler should be kept in a dark space with at least 4-6 inches around it on all sides to keep it from overheating. You can adjust temperature in both zones using their individual touch pads.


#6 – Sunpentown 20 Bottle Thermo-Electric Wine Cooler

This single zone wine cooler has a variable range of 55F to 65F and a tinted double paned glass door to keep everything inside at a uniform temperature.

The shelves slide easily so it’s simple to choose the right wine every time and you can comfortably fit 20 bottles.

It also comes with a safety lock and platinum edging.

Like all the best wine coolers, the Sunpentown uses a thermoelectric cooler to keep your wine safe from vibrations.

This also means it’s a very quiet machine.

Keep this wine cooler in a cool, dark area for the best effects.


#7 – Whynter WC-16S SNO 16 Bottle Wine Cooler

Compact but powerful, this counter-friendly wine cooler holds 16 bottles on its detachable scalloped chrome racks(these are also great for holding other types of bottles).

It uses thermoelectric cooling to keep its single chamber between 55F and 65F without making a sound.

A blue LED light illuminates your wine collection without exposing it to potentially harmful UV rays.

For the cooler to work at its maximum effectiveness you should keep this cooler standing at least 4 inches away from walls/other objects and in a dark, cool room.

A wine cooler is a great investment for any wine lover. Once you’ve found the perfect wine cooler you’ll start to wonder how you ever did without it—and within a couple years you might just find that the first one you bought is too small.

Guide: How to Choose the Best Coffee Grinder



In today’s convenience age when it comes to kitchen appliances, the art of coffee making is sometimes overlooked.

Many people will grab the pre-ground coffee from the grocery store, put it in a drip coffee maker, and voilà you have your coffee.

The problem is your not getting the best results, and more often than not we end up going to the coffee shop on our way to work weeks later for better coffee.

In this article, at Your Kitchen Zone, we’ll help you find the best coffee maker (with grinder) for you to help make that same cup of joe as you buy from coffee houses with huge savings in time and your wallet!


How can the best coffee grinder change the flavor of coffee?​

To understand how grinders play a significant role in the flavor profile of your coffee you have to understand what exactly a coffee mill (another word for a grinder) does.

Now I am sure most of you are rolling your eyes right now because everyone knows that the best coffee grinder grinds down coffee beans, but we need to take a deep look into the process.


​Why do we grind the beans in the first place?

If you look into the history of coffee, you will found out the first extraction of coffee beans was by agitating the bean through a long boiling process.

This process left you with a highly caffeinated, bitter, and thick concentrate of coffee.

Lucky for us we have since started grinding coffee and running water through the grounds.

Why? Well, coffee beans contain caffeine and oils inside of the bean.

These oils are what give coffee its aroma and taste and the caffeine well it’s what makes sure we get to work in a less zombie like state!

So why is it bad to buy pre-ground coffee?

Pre-Ground Coffee offers a host of issues:

  1. Oxidation – Most of the armor that we get from coffee is due to gasses trapped inside of the bean after roasting. The minute you grind the bean is introduced to Oxygen, and the gasses interact in what is called oxidation. After grinding coffee beans after 20 minutes, an estimate of 60% of the coffee aroma is released and gone. Simply put you lose most of your armor and some of your flavor profile from pre-ground coffee.
  2. Soluble Oils – Coffee bean oils are soluble. That is excellent news for us or else the brewing process would be much more challenging. The problem is when you grind coffee beans and expose them to the environment moister in the air starts to dilute these essential oils. That is why the best cups of joe are ground fresh and brewed as soon as possible.
  3. Delicate Oils – Coffee oils are very easily manipulated by their environment once they are out in the open i.e. they have been ground. They will often pick up and hold odors from around the grinds if exposed for extended periods of time. These new odors only weaken or sometimes even spoils the brew.
  4. Weakens the Roasting Process – During the roasting process, a lot of CO2 is created. Carbon dioxide is needed during the brewing process to help release the oils for a more flavorful and aromatic brew. When you grind your coffee, it creates more surface area in your beans raising the probably of release CO2. According to coffee confidential, almost 80% of all CO2 is released within 60 seconds after grinding.


Grinding Process- Types of Coffee Grinders

Knowing that the best cup of homemade coffee comes from freshly ground coffee beans lets look at how grinders work.

So there are two different type of mills, the first what we call the mini blender.


Blade Grinders

These mills use blades to grind up the coffee beans. They spin the blades as fast as the motors will allow it and the blade cuts where it hits the bean.

Two issues come from these little value beauties.

​They are too inconsistent. Most of these grinders have only manual controls and grind meaning you control that grind. While controlling may sound like a good thing you are responsible for how long (how fine the grinds are) to let your blades run.

The process means its all on how long you run the grinder and well human error does occur. The other inconsistency is about the mechanism of the blades. Since the blades will be cutting the bean where ever it hits the bean, there is no consistency.

The second problem comes from the blade friction causing heat. With the blades swirling around and hitting solid objects friction heat starts to build up.

Remember those lovely oils we are trying so hard to preserve until we run the drip?

They don’t like heat especially after being ground up and out in the open. You lose a lot of the oils and moisture you with blade grinders; something grind fresh was supposed to preserve.​


Burr Grinders

Burr grinders have two separate pieces commonly made of metal or ceramic that are set a specific distance apart (the size you want your grind).

The two parts then rotate and grind down the bean until it is small enough to fall through the opening leaving an ideal size of the bean.

To give you an idea this is the same concept used in pepper shakers that have mills in them. You turn the grinder and pepper fall out once it can fit through the burrs. There are two different types of burr mills flat plate and conical burrs.

There is a heated debate amongst coffee enthusiasts alike on which one of these kinds of burrs are better but almost everyone agrees that either is substantially better than a blade grinder and make the best coffee grinder.



Grind Sizes

Size of GrindsDescriptionBest Types of Brews
Extra CorseSlightly larger than sea saltCowboy Coffee
Cold BrewingCorseClose to the size of sea salt
French Press PrecolatorsMedium Corse
Size of Corse SandClever Dripper Chemex
MediumSize of Regular SandFlat-Bottom and Cone Drips
Medium FineSlightly finer than sandCone Shaped Poor Overs
FineSlightly smaller than table saltEspresso
Super FineFeels like flourTurkish Coffee




Best Coffee Grinders in 2019

Baratza Virtuoso

In a lot of our lists, there is room for argument that this our that should be rated higher but not on this page.

There is doubt in our mind that the highest rated and best coffee grinder currently for consumers is the Baratza Virtuoso.

While we consider this on the top end price range for grinders the Baratza Virtuoso’s simplicity is what leads to its consistency.

A fantastic scientific study on the accuracy of grinds in grinders can be found here on homesweet. If you don’t want to take the time in reading all their findings, we will sum it up for you.

If you want a machine that grinds coffee beans at close to the same accuracy of a commercial grade grinder you want the Virtuoso.

The best coffee grinder grinds coffee in uniform size and that is exactly what the Virtuoso does.


  • Grinding Accuracy is world class
  • Quiet
  • Powerful
  • Ideal for French Press Grinds
  • Easy to clean the burrs and inside the machine


  • Not Ideal for Espresso Grinds
  • Cylinder is harder to get off and no stopper to hold beans
  • Grinds sometimes leak from cylinder



Best Value for Coffee Grinder

Baratza Encore

Coming in a full three figures cheaper at times this compelling value option is right for people looking to save some cash but still want a higher performing coffee grinder.

The Baratza Encore tested well in medium sized grinds, fine grinds, and medium grinds. Most of the grinds were as uniform as some of the other $200 models.

The Baratza Encore does not have the ability to provide quality fine grinds however you should not buy the Baratza Encore if you want to use it for espresso grinds.

This machine is the best coffee grinder if you are comparing results to money spent.


  • Great Value
  • Good for Common Brews (Medium Grind)
  • Easily Clean the Burrs
  • Best $200 or under coffee grinder


  • Corse Grind Consistency is Poor
  • Lots of Plastic
  • Not suited for espresso grinds
  • Cylinder is harder to get off and no stopper to hold beans

What are the Best Coffee Makers with Grinder?



As I’m sure you already know, as we do at Your Kitchen Zone, there many different ways to make coffee of which none are more common than drip coffee or espresso.

Most Americans, and others across the world, look for that “pick me up” before work early in the morning.

It’s no secret that fresh grounds and a well-crafted brew makes for amazing cups of coffee.

However, at 6 am when running late for work and still without a caffeine “pick me up” convenience is often sacrificed for ease of use and availability (looking at you Keurig).

The good news is 2-n-1’s, or the best coffee maker with grinder, is the perfect comprise between convenience and quality (Guide: Choosing the Best Coffee Grinder).


Pros of a Coffee Maker:

  • Cost Savings – Buying a good grinder can take a hit to your wallet and getting a good coffee maker will not help either. When you buy a coffee maker with a grinder built-in, it will only be one investment instead of two. Most of the times this will save you some cash on your overall investment
  • Fresh Grinds –We have a couple of articles on the importance of maintaining and how to keep your coffee beans fresh (READ: Best Coffee Grinder Guide). When the grinder is built-in the grounds will not lose its aroma or solubles since the grounds will be fresh and made at the same time the pot of coffee or espresso gets made. 
  • Programming – This is why you get a coffee maker with a grinder built-in. Nothing is better than touching a couple of buttons at night and waking up to freshly ground and freshly brewed coffee in the morning. The best coffee maker with a grinder most likely is programmable, and we make sure into include programmability into your grading for you.
  • Ease of Use – When making coffee at home without a Keurig it can seem a bit daunting. Just the grinding of whole beans can be overwhelming with finding the right grinder for your brew, using the right settings, and so on. 2-in-1 coffee makers with grinders take the guesswork out. They know the ideal setting of grind (the right size for the style of coffee the maker makes, i.e., drip or espresso) and come out of the factory with that setup already in place, so you don’t have to know or worry about it.

Cons of a Coffee Maker:

  • Lack of Customization – Having a separate quality burr grinder allows you to make multiple different types of coffee biased of grind size. In the mood for a french press change the grinder settings to coarse, and you make your french press. Coffee makers with grinders don’t allow for too much deviation from optimal settings for that grinder. The mill’s range is insufficient, and the ability to do very fine to extremely coarse are not typically options on these types of mills.
  • Harder to clean – With two separate appliances it is easier to break down one and clean it as needed. When you combine the two machines, it makes it harder to clean just one and so you will usually clean both, and it becomes a much larger project.
  • Can lose two appliances at once – If the machine breaks or something stops working on the coffee maker, there is a good chance that you might lose both your grinder and coffee machine all at once and have a larger purchase ahead of you to replace the appliance.



#1 – Breville BDC650BSS Grind Control

 There is a reason almost every single site that reviews this machine has it at #1.

This burr coffee grinder and coffee maker combo is the perfect blend of programmability, design, and performance.

The price tag reflects the quality but its worth it.

  • Programmability – The Breville Grind Control allows you to chose from 8 different strength setting (water to coffee ratio), it has a carafe and single cup modes, and auto starts feature that allows you to have machine start brewing automatically at the time you chose. You can also disable the grind function to allow for pregrinds if you already have pre-ground coffee ready. The best part about the programmability of this grinder is burr grinder itself. There are sixty different grind settings that you have at your fingertips so finding the right size grind for your brew will not be an issue outside of extremely fine and extremely coarse grinds. This machine easily gets a 10 out of 10 for Programmability.
  • Design – The design of the Breville Grind Control feels like every single complaint that we have had about other coffee makers was considered when designing this coffee maker. The bean hopper holds half a pound of whole beans with the grind adjustment knob easily accessible and ready to use. The water tank holds 60oz of water or 12 cups of 5 ounces. The size of the container is one of the larger tanks for a coffee maker with a grinder on the list. Lastly, the high for a cup pour if you are cup mode allows for 7.5” inches to fit under the pour nozzle. That is plenty big for most travel size mugs. Again with as much scrutinizing as we can (hate to give out 10s) the Beville gets a 10 out of 10 for Design.
  • Performance – Breville’s Grind Control flat makes a good cup of coffee once you get the setting of the grinder and strength to your preferred cup of joe. We found it a bit difficult to change the grinder setting to get the right coarseness we were looking for, and that is one of the few reasons it doesn’t quite earn a ten in performance. The only other issue we had in the performance department was that there is no heating plate. The carafe is insulated and keeps the coffee warm for a while, but without a heating plate, you do not maintain the ideal temperature for coffee as long as we would like. We give it 8 out of 10 on Performance.
  • Overall – there is very little to complain about the Breville Grind Control coffee maker with grinder. It brews a great cup of coffee, has a top of the line burr grinder that keeps consistent grinds, and comes with a price tag that is worth the value such a powerful machine.




#2 – Cuisinart DGB-650BC Grind and Brew

This coffee maker is on our list as the best-valued coffee maker with grinder.

If you have a tight budget or looking to save a penny this machine is the perfect compromise.

While the machine could use some polishing overall (a couple of performance and design upgrades) for your dollar, it still brews a great cup of coffee.

  • Programmability – The Cuisinart allows for a 24-hour program, meaning anytime you want to program the Cuisinart to brew it will. You can set the size and gives you a 1 to 4 extraction option. It took us some time to get used to the settings and even though we are male we had to take a couple of minutes to look through the manual to get a handle on the programming. Once we felt comfortable with the everything playing with tones on the timer, a unique feature, was lots of fun and a nice feature. One programming miss is the fact that you cannot change the temperature settings. A couple of reviews on Amazon has some complaints about the temperature of the coffee not being hot enough. Programming 8.5 out of 10.
  • Design – The design of this machine makes putting in your grinds, pouring in water, and brewing easy. It comes with a gold-toned filter basket that is rated for commercial use and dishwasher friendly. The grinder has an on/off function if you want to use pre-ground coffee beans. The grinder is, however, plastic and does leave somethings to be desired; we wish it had more grind settings. The hotplate is an excellent addition and makes a glass carafe an option. The button and display are plain but get the job done and are easy to use once you understand how to use them. Design- 8 out of 10
  • Performance – Keep in mind when it comes to performance there are coffee makers that are more than this combo, and there are grinders more than this combo. With that said the plastic mill surprised us. It still does not compare to a burr or even metal blade grinder, but it exceeded our very very low expectations. The temperature that we measured immediately after the brew was 162 which is below than our ideal temp (more than likely doesn’t get hot enough during the brewing process) leading us to believe some of the comments on Amazon about temperature to be true. Even with all these complaints though this coffee maker and grinder produced a robust cup of coffee and when you take into effect that price it taste even better. If this machine cost more it would score lower on performance but its overall value gives it- Performance 9 out of 10
  • Overall – Dollar for dollar this is one of the better coffee makers with a grinder. We were able to get a decent cup of coffee over and over again with little hassle. The heating plate and carafe work well enough to keep coffee warm for hours giving you the freedom to program and brew your coffee without waiting for it to finish. There are some better quality machines out there for sure but value wise there is not a lot better.


#3 – Capresso 464.05 CoffeeTeam GS 10-Cup Digital Coffeemaker with Conical Burr Grinder

Capresso’s CoffeeTeam is one of the better coffee makers with a grinder.

For those of you who want a heating plate and don’t want to invest in a thermal carafe for the Breville, this is an excellent option.

The conical burr grinding system in the Capresso produced similar or better results than most other grinder combos, and that leads to a good cup of joe.

  • Programmability – The display and buttons are big, well laid out, and easy to use. You can program the time and have the brewing system start anytime you chose. You get the option of 2, 4, 6, 8, or 10 and you can set the brew strength to mild, medium, or strong. We wish there were more grinding settings like the 60 you get with Breville but you have the option of five grind settings. You can also program how long you want the warming plate to keep the coffee hot for up to two hours before there is an automatic shut off function. One small issue that we found as well you can program the size of the brew you would like and when you would like it to start. The machine will grind and use the correct amount of beans, but it will use all the water in reserve. So even if you say two cups but have 10 cups in the water tank 10 cups of water will be brewed, and you will more than likely wake up to a mess. Programmability- 8 out of 10
  • Design – We love the design of this coffee maker. With that said let us get to the small complaints we have and then talk about all the good. The first issue is that you must use the carafe that comes with the machine and if you want to change from the glass model to the stainless steel they are different sizes and are not compatible. Outside of that small issue, the glass carafe worked well, was sturdy, and did its job. The heating plate is a bonus and will keep your coffee at a warm temperature the entire duration it is on. The bean hopper is a good size and can be disabled to use pre-ground coffee. The coffee maker also comes with a filtration system that works wonders and eliminates unwanted impurities during the brewing process. Design- 9 out of 10
  • Performance – The coffee brewing temperature was perfect. Again with built-in grinding coffee makers, we are not able to measure the actual brewing temperature but only the final product once it has immediately left the maker. On all our brews though the temperature was a steady 175-182. The conical grinder performed exceptionally well but is limited in sizes (stays in the middle of the grinding spectrum nothing too fine or too coarse). The grinders were uniform and fed well into the hopper. The cup of coffee had excellent flavor and aroma from the brewing process. If the grinder were a bit more versatile, this coffee maker would score a perfect ten but if you are only going to be using the grinder for drip coffee that is no problem. Performance- 9.5 out of 10
  • Overall –This coffee maker is well built and for those of you looking to buy a built-in grinder and only use it for drip coffee and not a french press or expresso this machine is perfect. With the addition to the hot plate many might like this machine even more than our over best performer. With an affordable price to boot its easy to see why it makes our best coffee maker with grinder list.

What are the Best Mandoline Slicers for Home Use?

What are the best Mandoline Kitchen Slicers for Home Use?


In this article, on Your Kitchen Zone, I’m going to review five of the best mandolin slicers for home use.

All of them are equipped with killer edges, safety food holders, and more than one blade insert, but there are of course still differences between them.

Some will be cheaper, in which case they will be ideal if you have a tight budget.

Some will have adjustment presets, which is nice if you prefer not to estimate slicing widths yourself.

Some may have folding feet that others don’t, which may be important to you.

What’s critical is that you get the slicer that best suits your style and budget. Identify the things you consider most important, whether it’s price or something else, and see which of the slicers below fit the bill.



#1 – Super Slicer 5-in-1 Mandoline Slicer (Best Affordable Mandoline Slicer)

This multifunctional slicer is capable of serving as a mandoline, waffle cutter, juicer, coarse grater, spiral slicer and fine grater.

The blades are made of surgical stainless steel and a food holder is included in the bundle to keep your hands safe.

It also has a side-knob for adjusting the slicing blade.


  • Very cheap
  • Multifunctional
  • Manually adjustable slicing widths


  • Does not come with instructions for dicing
  • Grooves on deck make it a little troublesome to clean


My Opinion on the Super Slicer 5-in-1 Mandoline Slicer

This mandoline’s biggest draw is that it costs less than $15 yet offers enough functions to shame many of the $25 slicers out there.

Versatile and easy to use, it’s also made well enough that you’re fairly certain of getting a lot out of your small investment before anything needs to be replaced.

The deck surface does mean you need to be thorough (and careful!) while cleaning it, but it’s still not enough of a drawback to cast this slicer in a bad light.

All in all, it’s a solid item.



#2 – HomeNative Adjustable Mandoline Slicer (Best Adjustable Mandoline Slicer)

This HomeNative product comes with four blades: a julienne slicer, a fine grater, a vegetable grater and a vegetable cutter.

Slice thickness can be any of three preset options that are immediately accessible for your convenience: 1mm, 3mm and 5mm.

It also has a soft grip handle and grooves on the underside to keep it stationary atop a bowl.


  • Includes a dedicated plastic food container that fits perfectly under the slicer
  • Comfortable, non-slip handle
  • Easy cleanup (dishwasher-safe)


  • Food holder could be bigger


My Opinion on the HomeNative Adjustable Mandoline Slicer

There’s really hardly anything bad to say about this slicer. It has a lot of functions and comes with something a lot of us wish mandolines always did: a clear, plastic container that affixes to its base to be used as a “bowl” for the cuts we’re making.

It’s not the cheapest item out there at about $50, but it’s certainly a reasonable price.

Not everyone will love the fact that slice thicknesses are preset, but some will appreciate the precision and convenience.



#3 – Kitchen Elite V-blade Mandoline Slicer

The Kitchen Elite V-blade Mandoline Slicer has a durable steel frame paired with five blade inserts.

These inserts can be stored in the provided caddy when not in use, for safety. It also comes with a food holder as well as back legs that can be folded up when desired.


  • Very heavy duty
  • Large food holder
  • Convenient storage caddy for blades


  • Blade inserts do not include an option for cutting slices thicker than 2.5mm


My Opinion on the Kitchen Elite V-blade Mandoline Slicer

This is what people mean when they talk about robust kitchen implements.

The steel construction gives it more heft and sturdiness than the usual plastic variety of mandolines, and it’s fairly large to give you more cutting space too.

It’s too bad the blade inserts don’t give you more slice width options, but it’s still a great slicer for the price, which is equal to the cost of most plastic mandolines out there.

Considering how much more durable this feels, it’s definitely something to think about.



#4 – PL8 1000 Professional Mandoline

Equipped with several integrated blades and folding non-skid feet, the PL8 1000 incorporates several convenient features into its frame for minimized piece misplacement. It has a stainless steel and extra-wide slicing deck, a safety hand guard, a hinged finger guard, and a knob that lets you adjust slicing/cutting thicknesses as desired. This slicer is decently priced at about $60.


  • No blade inserts to put away – they are all part of the mandoline itself
  • Easy to clean
  • Capable of very thin, clean cuts


  • Tray tends to flex, especially when you apply pressure to it using the hand guard


My Opinion of the PL8 1000 Professional Mandoline

ired of dealing with slicers that always seem to be cramped for cutting space?

The PL81000 may be the answer for you. It can slice, waffle-cut, and julienne on its large deck, but even more importantly, it can do all that without requiring you to locate the appropriate blade insert from somewhere else and installing it.

They are all integrated into the machine, which makes misplacing blades a thing of the past. The presets for cutting thickness are nice too (there are five).

It could do with a more rigid tray, but it’s far from being a disaster.



#5 – Swissmar Borner V7000

An updated version of Swissmar’s V1001, the V7000 boasts an ABS frame with non-slip feet at the base.

It comes with three blade inserts, a holder for them, a food holder, and push-button slice adjustment.

This slicer will run you just under $50.


  • Rubber feet give it nice stability
  • Excellent push-button slice adjustment
  • Very long-lasting blades


  • Could use a larger blade for cutting thicker fries


My Opinion of the Swissmar Borner V7000

Swissmar’s V1001 has long been a staple in most kitchens, so it’s little surprise the brand would hit another home run with its update of that model.

The V7000 has everything we loved about its predecessor, adding to them the conveniences of push-button width adjustment and rubberized feet.

It still has the same durability as the V1001, which means you will likely be using this after several years.




== My Summary of the Best Mandoline Slicers ==

All of the slicers listed above are great, but, as mentioned earlier, you need to know what you’re looking for to choose the best product for you.

The Super Slicer is obviously the way to go if you don’t have a lot of money, for instance, whereas the Swissmar or Kitchen Elite might be best if you want something that won’t need to be replaced even after several years.

Pick the PL81000 if you want a wider cutting deck and the HomeNative if you’d rather have a custom container to catch your work as you’re slicing.

Whichever you pick, these mandolines will surely serve you well and it’s unlikely you’ll regret the purchase.



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